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Linda Green,  Head of Research

Linda has worked with a vast range of companies both large and small covering a wide range of disciplines and has travelled and worked throughout North America, Europe and Japan.

Beginning her academic career in Physics and Materials Science, Linda moved into pharmaceuticals in 1992 as a Research Fellow at the University of Bath.  Sponsored by Colorcon Ltd she subsequently moved to their Global Technology Development Group where she recruited and led a team of graduate scientists developing novel pharmaceutical coatings and manufacturing routes.

In 1998 Linda became one of a small group of Scientists and Senior Executives from Colorcon who set up the speciality pharmaceutical company Phoqus Pharmaceuticals, dedicated to the development of novel pharmaceutical formulations and processing systems.  During her ten years at Phoqus she worked with an impressive range of consultants and companies across the Pharmaceutical, Research and Development, and Engineering industries in USA, Europe and Japan.

Linda joined as Technology Development Manager but her role soon expanded and she was promoted to Director of Technology Development (subsequently Director of Technology Development and Engineering).  Linda worked with consultants, R & D companies and universities all over North America and Europe in the development of platform technologies and base formulations.  She was responsible for the development of the novel process for clinical production  and this included outsourcing the design, build, installation and validation of purpose built novel processing plant.  Utilising the novel technology, she managed teams delivering novel drug delivery projects with every major pharmaceutical company in the UK as well as smaller and emerging companies.

At Phoqus, Linda recruited and managed two teams of development scientists and in the last four years she became increasingly involved in the recruitment of her peers, thus being exposed to the broader HR and recruitment issues.

Linda has a BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics and a PhD in Physics specialised in surface physics and material science.  Her specific areas of expertise are in electrostatics, tablet coating, prototype engineering, powder manufacturing and handling and novel drug delivery.  She was granted multiple patents covering novel technologies for both Colorcon Ltd and Phoqus Pharmaceuticals.

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